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INJ-1000 Series:

INJ-1000 series are pump specific controller that manage the pump performance to match a wide range of the system conditions and requirement for energy saving. The controller can be applied for pressure boosting system, water treatment and HVAC system etc.


  • Model : INJ-1000/ INJ-1004
  • Atomatic alternation(cycle-based or time based), Alarm log, schedule operation, Serial communication(BMS: RS-485/RS-232), Internet Monitoring(TCP/IP)
  • Main Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • INJ-1000: 1 VFD + 4 DOLs
  • INJ-1004: 4 VFDs + 1 DOL


  • Constant discharge pressure / Differential Pressure/ Temperature(PID control)
  • Max. up to 5 pumps linkage
  • LED Touch screen
  • Available the back-light to indicate the pump condtion (RUN/STOP/ERROR)
  • Esay to install (Panel mounted)
  • Language: KOR/EN/CH

Dimension & Weight

         Dimension details
  • Net Weight: 2.3 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Dimension: 320(L) x 300(W) x 100(H)



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