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INJ-4500 Lite:

INJ-4500L is a single phase specific pump VFD which adjusts the pump speed to maintain constant pressure to max. energy saving. The drives can be applied for residential and commercial water supply, water treatment etc. As the drives are self-cooling and motor-independent structure, it can be installed directly on the motor.


  • Model : INJ-4500L
  • Power : 0.75Kw
  • Input Power : 1PH 220/240V
  • Output Power : 3PH 220/240 V
  • IP Class : IP55
  • Main Frequency : 50/60 Hz


  • Constant discharge pressure control system (PID control)
  • LED Screen
  • Available the back-light to indicate the pump condition (RUN/STOP/ERROR)
  • Easy to install (motor mounted)
  • Language : KOR/EN/CH

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